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Hi Friends!

Thank you so much for dropping by my site. Let me share a lil about ME.

I am a simple crazy SAHM (Stay-At-Home) mum to FIVE amazing kids who have the zest to make life interesting for me daily! :)

I started crafting at a very young age but never really seriously got down to selling my stuffs until recently :) I am a lover of Paper. ANYTHING Paper! I just enjoy snipping things and create something out of them. Besides, teaching Crafts to Adults, I also do a lot of crafts with kids.

Why "Crafters Dream"?

Every crafter have a dream. I do. I have always dreamt of owning my very own craft shop. A few years back, my mum and I did finally start a craft business in Malaysia but have since ceased from business now. After so many years of HOARDING and NOT doing anything, I have decided, ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Lolz. Its time to move on. 

So here begins, the birthing of Crafters Dream.

To start our journey, I am selling all our Craft Books and Cross Stitch Kits at very, very reasonable prices. To make way for more interesting stuffs! Do check these offers at our FB Page. They are under the photo section and will be available while stocks last.

For now, Crafters Dream will focus mostly on making handmade stuffs but will eventually venture into Scrapbooking, Card Making and selling crafty materials..


Currently, my main goal is to work towards investing in a good DSLR camera. A Canon D5100 :) , a Die cutter and many, many more Scrapbook items! :)
Also, I hope to eventually create more Crafty Stuffs so everyone can enjoy them and hopefully, to be able to create my own designs or be a Creative TEAM MEMBER on some awesome products/ company someday.

Working on this! :)

So, please do continually drop by as we will be having more exciting deals, craft related ideas and much more coming your way!

If you need more details or just wanna a chit chat, please do drop me an email at: roannawong2102@gmail.com or you can send me a private message on Facebook!

Have a blessed day! *hugs*
Lotsa Love,

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