Monday, 28 January 2013

WAW Challenge #64

For this week's Word Art Wednesdays' challenge, I wanted something un-usual. So, I thought hard and decided to make a postcard instead. :)

It's a simple postcard but the words means a lot.
Hope your day brings you loads of blessings and joy! *hugs*

Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Quick Birthday Gift

My daughter came home from work and told me she's got a Surprise Birthday Party to go to the next evening.

That means, no time to go and buy a pressie! So, what does a mummy do? :)

Here's what I did... I look into my stash of papers and stuffs.... cut...cut.. cut... and Ta-dah! I made a quick and simple Mini album for her friend.

So, go try it. Its simple and at no cost! Lol.... See... scraps are good! ;)
Have a Blessed weekend! *hugs*

Personalised on shrinkie.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tiffin carrier revamped....

My dad was going to throw away this old looking tiffin carrier but I saved it in the nick of time. :) I am now officially a junk collector.

But hey... look what I did with it? I am repurposing it to something useful! See?

First, I Mod Podge it and layered it with white Tissue paper. Do another 2 layers to give a thicker look.

Once dried, I write my favourite quote onto it:

To Live a Creative Life,
We must Lose Our Fear
Of being Wrong.

I find that quote to be very appropriate and encouraging. therefore, I had to write it onto the tiffin carrier so I could see it daily on my table. :)

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and have a blessed weekend! *hugs*

Thursday, 17 January 2013

WAW Challenge #63

This week's challenge at WAW is about looking to our maker to quench the spiritual thirst we may all be experiencing at some point in our lives.

I was allowing the verse to speak to my heart and since I have been Journaling Through Art lately, I was compelled to draw this for this week challenge.

Have you ever tried Journaling through drawing? Maybe you should try and venture into in soon. I find so much peace and am enjoying every bit of it. 

If you have some time, do check out my Journaling Blog: Life Told Through Art. I am not much of a diary writer but this is definitely the best and most awesome way I am expressing myself! :)

So have a blessed day! *hugs*

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Re-Purpose for 2013

As I search the meaning of Re-PURPOSE, according to the Free Online Dictionary:
re·pur·posed, re·pur·pos·ing, re·pur·pos·es. To use or convert for use in another format or product: repurposed the book as a compact disk.
So true.

I have been thinking, for this year I am going to RE-PURPOSE my life and find new meaning to What Life holds for me. As we have seen in last year, so much have happened around the World. Got me thinking deep.

Have you ever for a moment ask yourself..."WHAT AM I HERE FOR?" Yeap! This was my question.

I realised, I have allowed myself to live a lie believing in something that I wasn't. How I have wasted on that.
Well, that is all changing now.

Thank you Stephanie Ackerman. When I visited your site. I was so inspired by all your wonderful creations. And one thing that really spoke to me was this:


Yes! You said it right. It's time for me to accept my God-given talents and accept myself as an Artist.

And YES! I am also going to take time to Doodle, create stuffs that reflects my love for Him, be an inspiration to others and most importantly....BE ME!

Do take time to visit Stephanie's site - Homegrown Hospitality and be inspired.

Have a Blessed weekend! *hugs*

Thursday, 10 January 2013

WAW Challenge #62 - Hearts/Anything Goes

For this week's challenge, I thought a 2013 calendar would be an excellent idea! :0) I know, it's kind of a wee bit late but like they always say.. "It's better late than never!" Lol.

Well, I needed a calendar on my work table as I am always loosing track of day and date (and also time!). So, a calendar would do me awesome! :) And also, with an excellent verse to go with it...


It's pretty simple. I got the template for the lil calendar from Very Merry Vintage Style. You can download it and make your own lovely calendar.

So, have fun! And Be blessed! *hugs*

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A new Adventure for 2013 - Joy Journal 2012

For the year 2013, I wanted to experience something new. Something I have never ventured into nor dared to. Maybe out of fear, or low self esteem.

I am always so amazed by what some talented artists come up with and I have always dreamt of being in their shoes. :)

So, I took a challenge with myself to venture into mixed media crafting. I was really excited when I found a group on FB who are doing just that. And this amazing lady is so giving. Shes such a wonderful person to meet. You should check out her site.

Well, here's my first attempt on mixed media. I am going to create a journal out of it. The reason why mine is on loose papers is because I do intend on creating something else at the end of it. So do keep a look out for it!

We had to choose a word. On first thought, mine was PERSEVERANCE. I believe, this word is really for me. I have a tendency to give up easily. So for this year... I am going to work on this word - PERSEVERANCE!

The words surrounding the word "PERSEVERANCE" are the meaning to it. And I have also added a scripture verse to it - JAMES 1:2-3.

I hope you enjoyed this page as much as I did creating them. Have a Blessed day! *hugs*

London Bridge Is Falling....

You have seen what I made for one twin, Chloe and now to share with you the other twin, Crystal.

Boy! Did I have loads of fun searching, printing, cutting and so on while doing the album. It was amazing. The wonders you can find on the net and the inspirations you get...unbelievable!

So, here's what I made for Crystal. You can imagine, I did travel to London for a moment (on the web! Lol).

Crystal is also a fan of 1D. You will be wondering what's 1D??? Tee hee, it's ONE Direction. To view more on this album, please look here.

Hope you enjoyed your visit here1 Have a Blessed day! *hugs*

Monday, 7 January 2013

America Here I come!

I have twin nieces who, one likes anything to do with Union Jacks and another who loves anything to do with America! Talk about Worlds apart! Lol.

Funny how, my twins are pretty much similar in this way. I guess its all due to the fact that I never wanted them to feel like they have to be the same. So I usually dress them differently and all. Guess, that's how they become more of an individual than a "TWIN" of similar interest! :)

Anyhow, back to my nieces. I am back trackking a little. For their Christmas pressies, I made them each a Journal/ Mini Album on their special interest.

For Chloe :

Here's what I came out with.

Cut her name to form the American flag.
Stamps from the different states of America.
When the sun is've gotta have shades! :) Oh and you can put your pics into those too!
Her favourite group is Big Time Rush
Here comes captain America!
To view more of the pages, do check my gallery here.

Hope you have a funfilled Blessed weekend! *hugs*

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Word Art Wednesday Challenge #61 - Trust/Anything Goes

This verse somehow speaks an affirmation to me knowing that even though I go through bad storms... I will still Praise the Lord in the storm!

It's the New year! New hopes, New Beginnings... so much has happened since the New Year. But I know, God has great plans for everyone of us. For my trust lies with the Lord.

For this week's challenge, I wanted to do something very simple. I told myself, for this year, I am going to make a few Mini Albums with Words of Encouragements or Scriptures to encourage some Special friends at the end of the year. Maybe as a gift or something... :)

Well, here's my simple bookmark to begin with. Hope you enjoyed your visit here. Have a Blessed weekend! *hugs*

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Moment Of Inspiration....

While I was so busy catching up with all the cardmaking, gift making during the Christmas season and all... I was suddenly inspired to twirl wires! Lol. Weird.. I know. But I myself was so amazed with the outcome.

I twisted and twirled wire and made these. One of these, I have given it to my only special nephew. The other one, I wanted to keep it for my myself!

Somehow, everytime I look at it, it reminded me of Christ death for me on the cross and all His providence thats been overflowing to me and my family.

Have a Blessed Weekend! *HUGS*

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Word Art Wednesday Challenge #60 - Faith/Anything Goes

I was thinking and thinking, what am I going to do? This is such an awesome verse. It speaks deeply to me.

And as the Bible says in Hebrews 11:1 that "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

I can testify to that. There have been many occasions when I have nothing to rely on but only to live by Faith.

So, in the end, I thought it would be good to make a Post-It-Pad and add that quote to it. In that way, we can bring it everywhere we go and be enriched and reminded constantly of it.

Have a Blessed week ahead! *hugs*

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