Reject Shoppe for Crafts Kits and Books

I call this a Reject Shoppe because, some of our kits have yellow spots, or lost a needle or something. Therefore, they are all going in CLEARANCE with way CHEAP, CHEAP PRICES!
Here you'll find our list of Books for most form of Crafts - Scrapbook, Cardmaking, Sewing, Quilting and more  AND Sewing Kits from Bucilla which we are clearing to leave more space for new items! Once items are sold, they will not be Re-Ordered. Should you need more details, please email :

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Craft Books

Cross Stich, Plastic canvas and more

Cross Stitch Kits - Plastic Canvas / Stamped Cross Stitch and more.

Sewing Misc - Ribband / Perforated Papers / Silk Ribbons and more.

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