Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Craftyhazelnut's Christmas Challenge blog Candy Giveaway

Craftyhazelnut's Christmas Challenge is launching this new extra blog, and is giving away some Christmas candy:
2 'the red line' topper & paper pack, each containing:
1 topper sheet & 2 coordinated papers
2 C5 blank cards and envelopes
6 x 6 pad of 36 Berry Merry Christmas papers
6 x 6 pad of 24 My Mind's Eye Lost & Found Christmas papers
A pack of 10 A6 red card blanks with square apertures
S et of Classic Christmas Promarkers

Anyone can join in. All you have to do is spread the word around. The draw for the winner (randomly chosen) will take place at midnight UK time on 30 November, which will allow time to send them ahead of the Christmas mail - and, of course, the winner will have some lovely goodies to play along with the challenges in the new year.

Spread the word of their new blog and the prize they are giving away to the winner, by becoming a follower and create a blog post and, if possible, also put their pink button in your sidebar, telling people that the extra monthly challenges will begin on 1 January 2013.

Please feel free to copy to your sidebar

When you've become a follower and created a blogpost and/or put the blinkie in your sidebar, please leave a link to your blogpost in the linky below.

Have fun!

DAY 14 - 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 14 -  Tile Craft Wall Deco for a Special friend

Oh boy! Please excuse my posting for today. I am having the sneezles and runnies and have taken some meds. Never thought they would take effect so quickly! Lol.

If you find my post trailing off suddenly....you know why :P

Anyhow, while waiting for the meds to take effect, I wanted to make a very dear friend of mine a special Christmas gift.

And I found and love what WordArtWednesdays have! They have really beautiful Bible Sayings which I will put to good use later.

So, I decided to make a Tile Art Deco, so my dear friend could hang it up and also pray that the words will encourage her daily.

My printer ran out of ink, so I had to write them. Sorry if it looks messy! :)

Here's what I did and will be entering for Challenge #55 - Anything Goes.

Have an awesome day! Zzzzz....off to Lala-land....

DAY 13- 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 13 - Recycled Gifts (Part 1)

Today, I've decided to do something a lil different. I went round looking for stuffs to recycle and guess what caught my eyes?

A Shampoo bottle! :)

Do you know anyone who always misplaces their stuffs? I do. My hubby! Lol. He's always looking for his "Eyes" and car keys...or house keys...whatever! So, you get my picture. He loves to put his stuffs everywhere and then come looking for them! :P

So I have decided, this would be a great gift for him! A Recycled Shampoo Holder.

I have almost made a Tutorial on it here.

Have fun! *hugs*

Monday, 26 November 2012

DAY 12 - 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 12 - Gifties for Teeny Boppers!

Have you ever had the problem of trying to get a gift for a teenager? I do though! With this generation our Teens live in, everything is so advanced. All High Tech. So, naturally, not many kids these days do really appreciate simple things.

So here again, I have listed a few ideas which you can make for our Teens this Christmas! :) Will add more as I go along.

Meanwhile, it's back to my crafting gifties. Creating something at the moment. While unfold it when I am done!

So stay tune! *hugs* Be blessed!

Tablet Cover

Case for Notebook
A Lovely Laptop/ Notebook cover
Sparkly Sunglasses

DIY No-Sew Infinity Scarf
Infinity Scarf
Camera Straps
Neat Cushions

Saturday, 24 November 2012

DAY 11 - 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 11 - A DIY Kindle Cover. An Awesome gift for a teenager!

If you are an avid reader like me, you will definitely love this. I have loads of books. My 3 girls love reading too. So put our books together, I think we can actually start a mini library of our own! :)

But I have recently given quite a fair bit of our books to a good cause.

Anyhow, I have kept some for my craft purposes. And here's one awesome example of what I did:

Want to know more? I have also created a TUTORIAL on it. Check it out here.

So, If you are looking and thinking of what to get a Teeny Bopper for a gift this christmas...this would be good ;)

Hmm...Come to think of it, I might even do one for my nieces! :P

Have a Blessed weekend!

Friday, 23 November 2012

DAY 10 - 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 10 - Gifts for Teachers

We must not forget our Teachers who have dedicated their time to educate our kids. And I believe, they deserve some Seasonal Cheer and appreciation too! :)

So, I thought I'll make some simple gifts which will be useful to them. And have also added some which I found along the way...

Have an enjoyable day! *hugs*

Post It NotePads

A mini Album where you can write Quotes or Appreciative words or even add pictures!

Pinned Image
Take A Class Picture and convert them into Coasters. Awesome gift for a Teacher!
Post It / Note book


Note Pad / Checklist
Echoes of Laughter: Organizing for Christmas~Project 1: Make A Fun Clipboard for Lists or Photos...
Clipboard Notepad by applevalleygirl.blogspot.com

A wonderful idea to make.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

DAY 9 - 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 9 - Oh Tannerbaum

Oh Tannerbaum, Oh Tannerbaum, how lovely are your branches?

I just love looking at Christmas Trees! They somehow give me a wonderful feeling about Christmas.

So I thought I'll look for interesting ideas on just Christmas Trees which we can add to the stockings or as a gift! :) Try making them...it would be even more worth while.

I know, there's so many you can do, even I am "Ka-boosh" with the amazing ideas!

Gifts for wee ones!
Ribbon Christmas tree christmas
A Beautiful Sweater for the lil one!
Christmas Tree Onesie
For the baby

Gifts for Decorating Trees
xmas tree
Paper Folding Ornaments for the Tree.
Button Christmas tree.
Christmas tree ornaments made with buttons!
Felt Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Ornament

Gifts for the Home
Christmas Tree Pillows
Cushion Covers with Christmas trees
handmade christmas tree
Get the lil one to handprint and gift them to Grams! :)
handmade christmas tree
Paper Christmas Tree for a nicely decorated home!
‘Christmas In A Sardine Tin’
Another awesome idea!
~ Oh, Christmas Tree ~
This would be an awesome wall deco.
Ribbon christmas tree #christmas
Another beautiful deco which can be made and given  as a gift!
Advent calendar made of felt

Gifts which you make to give to Neighbours and Friends when visiting! :)

Christmas tree cupcakes
Yummy cupcakes! Unresistable!
Christmas tree brownies.
Yummy cookies....
Such wonderfully cute Christmas tree meringues. Love this idea! :) #green #Christmas #trees #baking #desserts #food #meringues
Yummy Meringue Trees!
Diy Christmas Tree
Beautiful Sweety Table Deco. 
So have fun! *hugs*

Saturday, 17 November 2012

DAY 8 - 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 8 - Gifts for Boys / Girls

At first I was thinking of ideas which I can make for Boys and Girls to add to their Stockings or even as Gifts, and found some excellent ideas on the web which I thought was great!

Some, I have included the link for tutorials. :) Now, I must go and make something crafty from here. Maybe, I'll start with the Sleeping Mask.

My daughter is always complaining she can't sleep because the elder girl is studying and the lights are disturbing! Lol.

Have a pleasant day! Hope you enjoyed my post today! More tomorrow! *hugs*

Aww...this is so lovely for a girl or boy! A neat hideout for privacy! ;)
My lil one would love one of this! :) So cute!
This is awesome! A personalised "Go Fish" card game using their own pics!
Wish my boys were young again! Would have loved to make this for them! :)
Make your own Sleep Mask here

This is definitely a cool idea to keep lil one s busy! Get tutorial here
This is great to make for kids who can't sit still. A wonderful Art Caddy to keep them busy while mum and dads eat or at church! *hugs*
My daughter would love this!
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