Tuesday, 20 November 2012

DAY 9 - 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 9 - Oh Tannerbaum

Oh Tannerbaum, Oh Tannerbaum, how lovely are your branches?

I just love looking at Christmas Trees! They somehow give me a wonderful feeling about Christmas.

So I thought I'll look for interesting ideas on just Christmas Trees which we can add to the stockings or as a gift! :) Try making them...it would be even more worth while.

I know, there's so many you can do, even I am "Ka-boosh" with the amazing ideas!

Gifts for wee ones!
Ribbon Christmas tree christmas
A Beautiful Sweater for the lil one!
Christmas Tree Onesie
For the baby

Gifts for Decorating Trees
xmas tree
Paper Folding Ornaments for the Tree.
Button Christmas tree.
Christmas tree ornaments made with buttons!
Felt Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree Ornament

Gifts for the Home
Christmas Tree Pillows
Cushion Covers with Christmas trees
handmade christmas tree
Get the lil one to handprint and gift them to Grams! :)
handmade christmas tree
Paper Christmas Tree for a nicely decorated home!
‘Christmas In A Sardine Tin’
Another awesome idea!
~ Oh, Christmas Tree ~
This would be an awesome wall deco.
Ribbon christmas tree #christmas
Another beautiful deco which can be made and given  as a gift!
Advent calendar made of felt

Gifts which you make to give to Neighbours and Friends when visiting! :)

Christmas tree cupcakes
Yummy cupcakes! Unresistable!
Christmas tree brownies.
Yummy cookies....
Such wonderfully cute Christmas tree meringues. Love this idea! :) #green #Christmas #trees #baking #desserts #food #meringues
Yummy Meringue Trees!
Diy Christmas Tree
Beautiful Sweety Table Deco. 
So have fun! *hugs*

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