Tuesday, 27 November 2012

DAY 13- 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

DAY 13 - Recycled Gifts (Part 1)

Today, I've decided to do something a lil different. I went round looking for stuffs to recycle and guess what caught my eyes?

A Shampoo bottle! :)

Do you know anyone who always misplaces their stuffs? I do. My hubby! Lol. He's always looking for his "Eyes" and car keys...or house keys...whatever! So, you get my picture. He loves to put his stuffs everywhere and then come looking for them! :P

So I have decided, this would be a great gift for him! A Recycled Shampoo Holder.

I have almost made a Tutorial on it here.

Have fun! *hugs*

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