Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WAW challenge #68

Gosh! It's been really hard to get back into the momentum of making stuffs. Not especially if you have not been all that well and for some time....

I had to push myself and get myself going.

So, my first project was for Word Art Wednesday #68 challenge. Boy, do I miss it? :) Loads!

My dear friend's birthday would be coming soon. So, I thought I made her this small lil gift. Its a post-it pad but in the shape of a purse. I found the idea from Pinterest.

Here's what I did. have a Blessed day! *hugs*

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bravegirls Club Truth Card Exchange

Just a FEW true words really can make all of the difference in the world…

The Brave Girl Truth Card Exchange heals survivors of human trafficking in little and big ways from the powerful little truths on each card

As I  have mentioned earlier, this would be one of the ways I am able to use my creativity to reach out to others in every little way possible. All in all, I have made 20 cards so far. Hoping to be able to make more later.

…so, Brave Girls….will you join us?

Your art, your truth….may be the VERY WORDS that keep one of your sisters going….what a difference you will make!

Here are my cards:

To learn more on this project, please take time to visit here

Have a blessed weekend! *hugs*


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Making A Change Now...

The beginning of this year has been a fruitful and amazing one so far. I am just so amaze by God's providence for me and my family.

So, as I have shared with my hubby, I would like to dedicate this year to focusing more on doing things that honours the Lord. By using what God have blessed me with (my creativity) and sharing it with others.

Have you ever wondered what ways you can payforward and do a great deed? :) I have been searching the blog/ web and found a few sites which I would love to contribute and help out in anyway.

So I have chosen to contribute to:

Future Sites I am looking into:


Have a blessed weekend! *hugs*

Friday, 1 February 2013

WAW Challenge #65

For this week's challenge at WAW #65 I thought of doing a poster. Its a very simple poster. A4 in size. What I enjoyed most is the doodling part :).

I love doodling. And if you noticed, the whole poster is actually a PUZZLE or rather, a MAZE. I doodled the areas to cover them up so the Bible Verse could be seen. Not sure if it's clear enough for everyone to see it.

I didn't use the whole Bible passage but rather the first 2 lines.

Hope you enjoyed your visit here! *hugs*
Have a blessed day!

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