Friday, 9 November 2012

DAY 4 - 25DAYS of Christmas Gifties or Stocking Stuffers

Day 4 - A Thing Of The Past

I have been thinking, what would be a good Stocking Stuffer for my Nieces and Nephew? *Putting on Thinking Cap*

A-Ha...I got It. For a change, I thought it would be good make games on recycled papers, or anything. When I say "Games"...I don't mean Games which Youngsters have these days.

Alot of our fun games which I use to Love playing is taking a slow death! Lol. Some kids these days, don't even know these games.

So you are probably wondering what I am talking about? :D

Well, lookie here! Look what I've dug up!

I am going to make these on Mahjong Paper and fold them up to stuff them into my nieces and nephew stocking this year. :D And boy, Oh my! I didn't even know there were other versions! XD



These are easy to make. You can buy those little skewed sticks or crafts sticks from the hobby shop or as we Malaysians call it - the Satay Stick. Paint them with acryllic paints and walah! have a new game! ;-)

Five Stones

This was another of my favourite game and I used to be really good in it. But sadly, it's been such a long while since I've played it. But recently, I did make a few sets of Five Stones for my daughter and her friends.

This isn't my pic. I got it from the web. And if you are looking for instructions to make these fun and awesome game, look no further. Visit this lady's site:

Old Maid Cards

Remember these? "OLD MAID"! Lol... I used to laugh so hard whenever I played this game with my brothers. It used to be so fun trying to get them to be the "OLDMAID"

There are so many more ideas and fantastic Stocking stuffers we can give to kids these day.

For me, I tend to like doing things a lil different. I love reconnecting the past and bringing them back to my nieces and nephews and even my own kids. I guess in that way, they won't loose out or forget these wonderful stuffs.

Ah! The Simplicity of Life! *hugs*

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a blessed day and till our next meeting....

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