Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A new Adventure for 2013 - Joy Journal 2012

For the year 2013, I wanted to experience something new. Something I have never ventured into nor dared to. Maybe out of fear, or low self esteem.

I am always so amazed by what some talented artists come up with and I have always dreamt of being in their shoes. :)

So, I took a challenge with myself to venture into mixed media crafting. I was really excited when I found a group on FB who are doing just that. And this amazing lady is so giving. Shes such a wonderful person to meet. You should check out her site.

Well, here's my first attempt on mixed media. I am going to create a journal out of it. The reason why mine is on loose papers is because I do intend on creating something else at the end of it. So do keep a look out for it!

We had to choose a word. On first thought, mine was PERSEVERANCE. I believe, this word is really for me. I have a tendency to give up easily. So for this year... I am going to work on this word - PERSEVERANCE!

The words surrounding the word "PERSEVERANCE" are the meaning to it. And I have also added a scripture verse to it - JAMES 1:2-3.

I hope you enjoyed this page as much as I did creating them. Have a Blessed day! *hugs*


  1. Love, love, love!! It is so colorful. And your handwriting is so perfect, you have your own font, the Roanna font.
    Perseverance is such a great word. I pray that it reflects your year.

    1. Aww. Thank you so much Amanda! yes indeed. It does reflects my year. *hugs* Hope all is well with you. Have a blessed day!

  2. It may be your "first attempt" but it's wonderful! I love the cheerfulness and energy. Valerie


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