Monday, 7 January 2013

America Here I come!

I have twin nieces who, one likes anything to do with Union Jacks and another who loves anything to do with America! Talk about Worlds apart! Lol.

Funny how, my twins are pretty much similar in this way. I guess its all due to the fact that I never wanted them to feel like they have to be the same. So I usually dress them differently and all. Guess, that's how they become more of an individual than a "TWIN" of similar interest! :)

Anyhow, back to my nieces. I am back trackking a little. For their Christmas pressies, I made them each a Journal/ Mini Album on their special interest.

For Chloe :

Here's what I came out with.

Cut her name to form the American flag.
Stamps from the different states of America.
When the sun is've gotta have shades! :) Oh and you can put your pics into those too!
Her favourite group is Big Time Rush
Here comes captain America!
To view more of the pages, do check my gallery here.

Hope you have a funfilled Blessed weekend! *hugs*

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