Saturday, 20 October 2012

Fun with Shrinky Dinks!

Usually, my weekends are pretty swamped with Grocery Shopping, or something else...there always seem to be something to do. :)

But this weekend, I decided to stay in. The weather lately have been awesome. Rainy, Cool and ahh.... makes you feel Lazy! lol.

My daughter got home from her 1st holy Communion camp and showed me her drawing. I thought it was awesome. So I've decided to put it onto Shrinky Dink for her to show and tell to her friends at school. She was so excited!

Here's her actual drawing:

And here's the drawing which I traced onto the Shrinky Dink to make it into a keyring.

So, if your kids are complaining they are bored; this is one great craft you can do with them. Of course, please make sure there's always a parent present.

Thank you for visiting! *hugs*

Pst! Maybe I should make a few of these! Lol!

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