Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Who me? Potter-head? Part 1

I am not much of a Potter fan. Serious. But ever since I started doing some serious research to get some ideas going for my nieces' journal, I never knew there was so much that could be found on the web with regards to HARRY POTTER! O.o

I found great sites on POTTER Theme Partays with loads of fun printables!

Harry Potter birthday party
candy lables 216x575 Free Harry Potter/Halloween Candy Printables

Awesome site with over flowing Crafty Ideas you can make and do:

Golden Snitch Papercraft
Wands - tutorial by *majann, coolest thing ive seen in a long long time

Harry Potter Stationeries:

Believe me....the ideas are endless! I could probably write a whole blog on it but that's ok. Lol. Keep a look out for Part 2. I will be revealing what i came out with for my niece's Christmas Pressie.

Till then. have a Blessed Christmas! *hugs*

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