Sunday, 30 December 2012 android for me?

Wow! Kids these days are so up-to-date.

For this Christmas especially, I chose not to buy gifts for my nieces and nephew, but rather, I made handmade gifts for each and everyone of them.

You can say it was time consuming but sooo worth it. Seeing the joy on their faces when they opened their was priceless to me.

Well, you saw what I made for my niece Claire. Now I show you what I made for another niece - Caitlyn.

I noticed, Caitlyn always carries her Android everywhere she goes. Wonder if she sleeps with it? O.o. Lol. Anyhow, I thought if I could make her an Android cover... One thats Out-Of-This-World and One-Of-Its-Kind...that would get her flipping!

You bet! She was flipping with joy when she saw her android cover. Here's what I made:

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